General Director’s Message

General Director’s Message


Welcome to the official "Arpa-Sevan" OJSC page.

Here you will find summary information about the services we provide, the projects we have completed, as well as the philosophy and values behind our activities.

Over the years, we have continually acknowledged the crucial role and significance of construction workers in driving forward the progress and development of the country. The tangible evidence of this idea is the construction of more than 160 hydraulic, residential, and public facilities. Thanks to our diligent efforts, we've built a solid reputation as a reliable and well-established company, earning the trust of our partners.

Certainly, none of this would have been possible without our most valuable asset: our committed team of employees. At the heart of the company's accomplishments lies its skilled and dedicated team, whose hard work and commitment are fundamental. Due to the significant contributions of every employee we've risen to become industry frontrunners and maintained a steadfast position in the local competitive market.

Appreciating long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, our important value is also a satisfied partner. It is for this reason that we provide first-class services, proving the truth of our values and principles.


Looking forward to future collaborations

General Director

Paruyr Hakobyan