Ready-mix concrete

Production of ready-mixed concrete of all marks, strengths, and types

Light and heavy concrete of industrial and special (hydro-technical) types

Concrete Structures

  1. Foundation blocks for half-pipe water flumes of all types and sizes
  2. Production of reinforced concrete L-shape blocks (Г -15, Г -20) for channels of rectangular cross-section 

Steel structures

  1. Manufacturing of steel structures and reinforcement frames of all types according to the customer’s project
  2. Manufacturing of steel molds for concrete laboratory testing / 100x100x2, 150x150x1
  3. Manufacturing of all types of flat irrigation gates: ГК, ГС, ГР, ПК, ПС types
  4. Manufacturing and installation of anchor stabilizing frames for tower cranes
  5. Surfacing, strengthening, and repair of buckets and other components of excavators and other earth-moving equipment
  6. Manufacturing of stainless steel and aluminum material structures.

Other services

  1. Testing and repair of hydraulic and fuel pumps and hydraulic cylinders
  2. Cutting (guillotine) and rolling of steel plates and other components
  3. Turnering services