1978 Construction of a Bridging Water Unit on River Yeghegis

The transition structure between the Tunnel No.1 and Tunnel No.2 of the Arpa-Sevan conduit is represented by a hydrosystem on the Yeghegis River including:

1. 34 m long rectangular section (of 3.7 m × 2.6 m size) RC aqueduct over the gorge of the Yeghegis River that connects the Tunnel No.1 and Tunnel No.2;
2. The water intake on the Yeghegis River with rectangular and sector gates. The water intake has a rectangular cross section of 6×4m size and is 24 m in length, and was provided to replenish the Arpa-Sevan conduit with the discharge of the Yeghegis River;
3. The trough-shaped 72 m long supply canal of 3×2m size for discharging a part of the Yeghegis River runoff to aqueduct at the intake portal of Tunnel No.2.