1995-1998 “Development of Subsoil Water Drainage System at «Zoravar Andranik» Station of the Yerevan Subway”

The Client:
Ministry of Transport of RA, Administration of the Construction of Yerevan Subway.

This project aimed at construction of 1400 m long drainage adit with 8m2 clear section for an export of subsoil water from «Zoravar Andranik» Station to the channel of the Hrazdan River and ceasing the operation of unwatering plants in the vicinity of «Zoravar Andranik» and «Republic Square» Stations.
The underground mining has been carried out under complicated mining and geological conditions with abundant influx of subsoil water, when the thickness of ceiling to the residential buildings and communication lines on the surface was minimal (10 – 15 meters).

During the reported period the following basic scope of work has been implemented:
1. Drifting of underground openings
433 m
2. Cobbing of the rock
7439 m³
3. Placing of concrete and reinforced concrete
4258.3 m³
4. Grouting (primary and control)
36 608.3 m²
5. Pipelines
2263 m
6. Reinforcement and steel structures
69 t
7.Drilling of drainage wells
4068 m
8. Lighting during the operation period
1500 m