1997-1999 Argel HPP. Repair-rehabilitation Works. The Chute of No-operation Spillway

The Client:
SE “Sevan-Hrazdan Cascade of HPP” CJSCo. RA

The rehabilitation of the chute was stipulated by the need to secure normal and stable operation of one of the largest HPP on the Hrazdan River after the destruction of the active chute as a result of a landslide down the hill, on the slope of which it was situated. The works on the new route were conducted on the mountainside with a slope from 28° to 32°. The works on the route in mountainous terrain required the application of special engineering solutions and technological schemes.

As a result the following rehabilitation works have been implemented on 343.1 m long reconstructed section and newly projected 635 m long stretch:
1. Earthworks
212 876.9 m³
2. Drilling-and-blasting works
34600 m³
3. Concrete and reinforced concrete
11596.0 m³
4. Installation of reinforcement
433.6 t
5. Steel structures
50.6 t
6. Joints (metallic keys)
1321.7 m
7. Ф 530 mm built-in-place reinforced concrete piles
405 m
8. Consolidation grouting
491.4 m
9. Masonry work
34.8 m
10. Laying of low-voltage and high-voltage cables
2694 m
11. Laying of pipelines
12. Preparation of peddle gravel mattress
2879.7 m³
13. Insulation works
5057.0 m²
14. Asphalt carpet
3905 m²
15. Precast reinforced concrete (reinforcement of covering)
99.6 m³
16. Painting of steel structures
640 m²
17. Drilling of wells
690 m