1998-1999 Rehabilitation of Arzni-Shamiram Main Canal

The Client:
PIU “Rehabilitation of Irrigation Schemes” of Ministry of Agriculture.

The works on 2083 m long stretch of the main canal were implemented mainly in off-season periods in the absence of water in the canal. Besides the rehabilitation works in the canal, the repair of bridges and aqueducts, of water intakes and distribution units have been performed.

The following scope of work has been executed:
1. Earthworks
15151.8 m³
2. Concrete and reinforced concrete
6209.5 m³
3. Cleaning of concrete surfaces
28749 m²
4. Precast reinforced concrete structures
990.4 m³
5. Driving of anchors
747 pieces.
6. Shotcrete works
8333.2 m²
7. Insulation works
5627.1 m²
8. Plaster works
1101.0 m²
9. Movement and expansion joints
10277 m
10. Steel structures
21.4 t
11. Painting of barriers
1512 m²
12. Construction of power lines
1190 m
13. Asphalt carpet
560 m²