2002-2003 Sevan-Dilijan Road Tunnel Construction

The Client:
“Construction of Roads” PIU of Ministry of Finances and Economy of RA.

The tunnel construction works were recommenced after a very lengthy standstill, that had a negative effect on the structures constructed earlier. The works were conducted simultaneously from Northern and Southern Portals. The driving of tunnel at the stretch of about 200 m length was executed under utterly complicated mining-and-geological conditions that required special drifting methods with segregated-phase mining of rocks, strengthening of temporary roofing. The lining of tunnel in earlier constructed sections and the ceiling of air ducts have been reconstructed. The works on waterproofing and on drainage system, on the roadbed in the tunnel and the adjoining areas, ventilation system, electric lighting, traffic safety and control of the flow of traffic have been executed.

The works implemented on outer engineering networks, communications and structures include:

1. Construction of buildings for the maintenance and security staff;
2. Laying of 35 kV transmission line and installation of substations;
3. Construction of the pumping house, ventilation building, etc.

As a whole the following main scope of works was implemented:
1. Earthworks
73774.4 m
2. Concrete and reinforced concrete
27796.3 m3
3. Grouting works
17747,1 m3
4. Installation of reinforcement
2122.9 t
5. Steel structures
643 t
6. Shotcrete
13787.1 m2
7. Plaster work
17011.8 m2
8. Drilling of holes
18682.2 m
9. Laying of pipelines
13817.6 m.
10. Waterproofing (screen of aluminum sheets)
9.8 t
11. Peddle gravel mattress
10850.2 m3
12. Roofing
1223.7 m2
13. Tile lining
283.8 m2
14. Block-stone lining
216.3 m2
15. Construction of partitions
505 m2
16. Basalt border
4843.2 m
17. The stone-work
151.5 m³
18. Windows, doors
120.3 m²
19. Glazing
246 m²
20. Asphalt carpet
20384.7 m²