2004-2006 Gravity Irrigation of the Lands of Vayots Dzor Marz

The Client:
“Water Sector Development and Institutional Improvements PIU” SE, Ministry of Agriculture

For construction of this project the implementation of the following works were required:

  1. Renewal and widening of the existing intake dam near Village Germon, to supply water to the operating Power Plant (Water intake № 1);
  2. Construction of a new intake dam (Water intake № 2) at the distance of nearly 2.9 km downstream the river;
  3. Each water intake will supply water via separate pipelines that run along the same route to the Vernashen Pumping Station;
  4. The lengths of main water lines beginning from the intakes № 1 and № 2 are 19.12 km and 16.18 km respectively that consist of steel pipes of 1000 mm in diameter (except for 4.21 km long initial part of the water line from intake № 2 that consists of ø 1200 mm steel pipes), equipped with required control air release vents and emptying gate valves and counters located in wells.
The following main scopes of works have been executed:
1. Earthworks
457 705 m³
2. ø 1020 mm pipe laying
39 800 m
3. Metallic work-pieces
34,14 t
4. External insulation of pipes
39 840 m
5. Internal flashing of the pipelines
114 575 m²
6. Concrete and reinforced concrete
3560 m³
7. Making of expansion and movement joints
359 m