2009-2011 Construction of Gravity Systems in Spitak

The Client:
MCA-Armenia SNCO

This system will provide 545 l/sec discharge of water for irrigation of 800 ha land in Shirakamut, Metz Parni, Saralandzh and Katnajur Communities. The works include the excavation of soil and trenching both in the terrain and along the riverbed, placing of conduit pipeline with waterproofing, construction of the headwork structure, particularly of concrete, steel structures, water outlets and gauging stations, construction of distributing and emptying reservoirs, required metal working processes, mounting of gates, transportation and installation of materials at the construction site.

The following scope of work was implemented:
1. Earthwork
42427.32 m³
2. Concrete
525.68 m³
3. Reinforcement and metal constructions
6737.87 kg
4. Pipelines
5143.5 m