2009-2011 Rehabilitation of Arzni Shamiram, Low Hrazdan, Artashat and Shirak Main Canals

The Client:
“Millennium Challenge Foundation” SNPO

The canals were rehabilitated within  their own frames.

The following was implemented for rehabilitation:
– Clean the canals from sediments and vegetation;
– Demolition of concrete offsets;
– Clean the canal bottom and walls of deteriorated concrete;
– Fill in the cavities with B7.5 class concrete
– Cover the bottom of the canal with B 12.5 concrete
– Cover the existing concrete with 10cm of B 12.5 concrete on the trapezoidal parts of the canal, etc.
– Plan transverse joints of 4m from each other all along the canal
– Repair water dischargers by installing new valves
– Dismantle the existing slabs and install new ones, replace reinforced concrete slabs in the places where the walls are covered where (3×1.5)m reinforced slabs
– Create a preparatory layer of B 7.5concrete behind the slabs.

The following scope of work was implemented:
1. Clean the canal of sediments
21300 m³
2. Earthworks
11400 m³
3. Pebble graveling underneath the concrete cover
2400 m³
4. Gabion masonry
600 m³
5. Dismantle of old concrete and reinforced concrete
14200 m³
6. Clean concrete surface
123500 m²
7. Monolithic reinforced concrete installation
16600 m³
8. Reinforcement
192 t
9. Shotcrete
41500 m²
10. Construction of joints
37100 m