2014 Rehabilitation of Aghstev River Left Bank Mainstay

The Client:
DIS Properties Benevolent Foundation

Torn down and construction of new bank-protecting wall along the Dilijan-Vanadzor road, left bank of the river Aghstef, on Shamakhyan section.

Total length of newly built protecting  wall is 100m, it consists of 1m thick and 5 m long horizontal slabs, which are anchored to 4 meter high and 0.5 meter thick vertical concrete wall, surfaced with rough basalt stones.

Description and volumes of works
1. Excavation
7060 m3
2. Demolition and further installation of rough basalt stones
460 m2
3. Concrete wall demolition
320 m3
4. Rock fill behind new wall
600 m3
5. Gabion works
300 m3
6. Construction of r/c concrete wall
625 m3
7. Reinforcement
27.2 t
8. Installation of 100 mm diameter drainage pipes.
236 m
9. Large rock wall construction
125 m3