2015 The Renovation of Hrazdan HHP Derivation Channels

The Client:
“International Energy Corporation” CJSC

“Hrazdan”, “Argel” and “Arzni” HPPs are part of Sevan-Hrazdan cascade of HPPs of the energy system of the Republic of Armenia. The target of projects was restoration of damaged tunnels of the aqueducts of derivation channels of HPPs, as well as the head units. The design was implemented by “Armhydroproject Institute” CJSC. Restoration works were done in tunnels № 1, №2 and №3 of Razdan HPP as well as at the head units and derivation channels. Restoration includes cleaning from sediment, demolition and removal of damaged reinforced concrete and 15 cm thick reinforced concrete laying.
All activities were carried out mainly in the winter time after the irrigation period. Concrete works at winter conditions were carried out using appropriate technological standards and requirements.

The volumes of construction works are:
1. Concrete Covering
1127,4 m3
2. Reinforcement
66,18 t
3. Concreting
481 m²