2016-2017 Demolition, repairmen and reconstruction of tunnel No.2 on road Vanadzor-Alaverdi-Georgian border at PM 30 + 125 – PM 38 + 450

The Client:
“Kapavor” Ltd.

The road is a strategic and vital corridor for the import, export and local cargo transportation of the Republic of Armenia:

Of the three tunnels located on the road, the 30,579 km long tunnel has been completely reconstructed to ensure that the width and height of the tunnel meet the standards required by building codes:

Work is underway in the tunnel on cladding, construction of sidewalks and protective niches, laying asphalt, interior decoration, installation of lighting and security systems, new facades, the area adjacent to the tunnel and the construction of walls:

The project is financed by the European Investment Bank and the Asian Development Bank:

The main scope of work:
1. Earthwork
13 662.35 m3
2. Concrete
2 417.1 m3
3. Reinforcement and metal constructions
76.73 t
4. Pipelines
560.0 m