2017-2019 The Capital Repairs of “Arpa-Sevan” Tunnel

The Customer:
“Water Committee ” SI.
The completion time of Project:

The total cost of the Project was 4 998 360 AMD, which was equal to 10 417 000 USD.

The aim of the Project on Capital Repairs of «Arpa-Sevan” tunnel conduit is to provide the sustained performance and undisturbed operation of the tunnels of “Arpa-Sevan” conduit over all the length of the route of conduit after and in the course of implementation of works.

The works include the reconstruction of deformed stretches of lining (of the bottom) of tunnel or of some of its parts.

At the mentioned stretches the lining was completely reconstructed by implementation of the whole package of shaft-sinking and tunneling works for construction of reinforced structures of lining.  Totally were reconstructed different sections of tunnel with total length 883 m.

The reconstruction of the concrete bottom of canal in tunnel No.2 is carried out from “Yeghegis” Site.

Along with the reconstruction works the activities were effected for filling of cavities behind the new lining, injection and control injection of grout.

The lining was reconstructed and concreted in place according to a unified technological process chart using different standardized solutions.

The volumes of construction works are:
5 074 m³
Concrete and reinforced concrete
6579 m³
7 774 m²