Construction of a multi-apartment residential building at Rubinyants 27/16

"Metrum Invest"

"Arpa-Sevan" OJSC signed a contract, according to which it will implement the construction of an apartment building at 27/16 Rubinyants Street, Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district.
The project plans to build a multi-apartment residential building. It consists of 3 buildings (A, B and C) with 16 ground floors each.
According to the floor plan, the complex has an angular appearance, as a result of which an enclosed courtyard is created, from which the porches of the residential area are organized. All buildings have binary elevators.
The basement and semi-basement floors (at -14.40, -11.10, -7.800 and -3.90 marks) are completely occupied by the technical buildings as well as the parking lot, the entrances of which are organized from the lower marks of the plot, from the edge sections of the A and C buildings.
At the rear of the first floor are the main entrances to the residential building and the evacuation exits from the parking lot.
From the second (+3.90 digits) to the 16th (+50.10 digits) floors are located apartments with 1, 2, 3 and 4-room apartments with the possibility of transformation. There are apartments with spacious terraces.
The main facade is designed in a manner suitable for high-rise residential construction, using high-quality facing and finishing materials (tuff, basalt and travertine slabs, high-quality plaster and glass surfaces).
The roof is flat, with organized internal drainage.

The construction area of the structure is:
35.331.0 sq.m.
The construction area of the second floor is:
1716.0 sq.m.
The construction area of the floor at the 0.00 mark is:
1570.7 sq.m.
The construction area of the underground, basement floor is:
1790.2 sq.m.
The total area of the green area is:
1195.0 sq.m.
Number of apartments:
Number of parking spaces: